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The Hub Terms and Conditions

The Hub (“The Hub”) is a fan-based focus group and feedback program that is only available in the United States and its territories.  Participation in The Hub is voluntary and is offered at the sole discretion of The Love Company USA.  Hub members join the program through the form available at thelovecompanyusa.com and have agreed to receive these terms and conditions electronically.  Fans can join The Hub by completing all required fields in the sign-up form, reading the Hub Team expectations and instructions, and agreeing to the Hub Team’s terms and conditions. Please view the following terms and conditions for the feedback program.

  1. Team members agree to be contacted electronically by email for feedback opportunities updates, confirmations, and necessary communications from the Hub Team administrators,

  2. Team members agree to participate without any promise of a monetary reward.

  3. All feedback and input submitted to The Love Company USA is the sole property of The Love Company USA.  This information is used to better understand our fans and customer base and is appreciated.  We provide perks for the volunteer focus group members (aka “The Hubsters”) in the form of products and discounts with The Love Company USA.  These products cannot be exchanged for monetary substance and will not exceed the total value of $420 per calendar year.

  4. The given feedback and any information about the feedback process are prohibited from being shared with any third party, display network, social media platform, or business outside of The Love Company USA. Team members agree to work with confidentiality not disclosing designs or other information about the program or company, such as program instructions, terms & conditions, emails, survey questions, The Hubster agreement, or any other communication provided within this program.  Sharing this information constitutes a failure to comply with the confidentiality portion of The Hubster Agreement. Failure to comply with all requirements of the terms and conditions can result in an immediate dissolution of the agreement and removal from the team without transfer of points or discounts immediately severing all provisions of the program.

  5. Team members agree to provide specific feedback about our products using the feedback forms provided within the emails sent from The Love Company USA and understand no other format for feedback will be given or accepted.

  6. Team members must provide one feedback survey by the due date for each session to count towards earning free gear and additional savings.  All required details will be disclosed within the email communication and the My Account page of The Hubster. Any feedback received after the stated due date cannot be counted toward earning free gear.  Giving timely feedback is part of the requirement to maintain team member status.  Once more than 20% of surveys given are missed or submitted after the due date, the team member may be removed from the Hub Team and will be provided an opportunity to make up at least one survey. There are no exceptions to this provision. Team members can accept other new opportunities available while the team member status is active.  Team members agree that only one feedback survey per period will earn points for free gear and discounts.

  7. Team members can only have one feedback account to participate in the program.

  8. For any reason and at any time The Love Company USA can dissolve the feedback team.  Any earned points will be issued to members as a product, coupon, or store discount based on the discretion of The Love Company USA.  Team members who fail to comply with confidentiality provisions are excluded from receiving these stated perks.

  9. Team members agree that their feedback may be published in print and online by the terms and conditions of the Hub Team.

  10. Team members may end participation in the feedback team at any time by completing the online form found on the Hub page of our website. You may also send your written request to The Love Company USA to 455 Eisenhower Pkwy, Ste 300 PMB1051, Ann Arbor MI 48108, United States

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