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the Love Company, USA


Welcome to The Love Company, USA. I'm Cisse Williams Meeks. I started this as a passion project in 2017.  Being an creative I tried my hand at a few products.  Focusing on custom gifts, in 2019 I opened a shop on Etsy, my first e-commerce store named Lovecousa. My unique offerings showcased apparel, outerwear, items for your office, home goods, and tools for your Sunday school class.  

Today I am the sole designer with partnerships that supply products directly to my customers.  Together we use sustainable processes to reduce waste, energy, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with production.  Kindness to the earth’s environment is a kindness to the future inhabitants of it.  We work to be a positive catalyst to change.

Over the past four years, I've diligently crafted offerings meant to inspire positive thinking, celebrate faith, and meditate on love in stylish ways—a tall order I know.  I am looking forward to connecting with others who share the same mindset about love from a variety of disciplines, experiences and religions.  So, yeah, I am in a growth phase and excited about the journey.




The top guiding principle is simply to be loving. Our platform, products and customer service are shaped to anticipate our customer’s journey. Our internal systems and care for our employees will guide our employees’ journey. Leadership is tasked to consider people over profits and developing stellar finances to sustain the company to profitability.  In short, love and care for the fellow person while in the pursuit of making mad money.



Inclusion is at the heart of how we provide our products and services. We see inclusion as a form of love because it lets all people be seen, heard, contribute and matter.  I will seek opportunities to nurture love throughout the organization, with our products, and with our customer engagement. Being better listeners and appreciating the next person’s experience yields sensitivity, a valuable step in inclusion. We can only hope to build an environment where people can be their beautiful, creative, thoughtful, and human selves. From our foundations, we will make room for others to bring their experience and talents to the forefront. So, for us, inclusion is more than just a concept – it's a profound expression of love. Love knows no bounds and covers a multitude of issues.


As the founder my personal commitment is to infuse love into every facet of our organization. From crafting our products, creative service offerings, and how we address our customers' needs. Our team will be tasked with building a foundation that allows us to successfully work towards our vision.  Through various media outlets we will waive the banner of love with thoughtful shares, media, and partnerships.  As many in the science world believe, if something can be taught it can be learned.  Join us with filling the world with lessons and examples to the various forms of love.

The Love Company USA started as a one person operation powered by passion and the need to foster sustainable change.  "I am building a platform that helps to spread a universal and unconditional love around the globe,"  Cisse W. Meeks, President & CEO.

how do you express love? 


The Small Details

At Lovecollc.com, a division of The Love Company, I strive to spread love, positivity, and  humor through our unique collections of apparel and every day items. Our products showcase the topics of love, funny concepts, and socially consious apparel. 

We encourage our customers to explore our collections and give us feedback. 




Thank you for checking out The Love Company, LLC.

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