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the Love Company, USA

About us

Welcome to The Love Company USA.  It all began as a passion project in 2017 with a few handmade silk flowers and a desire to show love with custom gifts.  In 2019 our shop on Etsy opened with customized bereavement gifts for family and friends.  The founder just wanted to provide one place where everyone could have something they could remember our beloved Vanessa with.  Lovecousa showcases unique offerings of love branded apparel, outerwear, items for your office, home goods, and tools for your Sunday school class.  Today, we have paused our shops to allow room for growth and the vision of The Love Company USA to be developed.  Stay tuned because more is coming.

​The founder and CEO agrees with the evironmental ethics of using a sustainable processes to reduce waste, energy, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with production.  Kindness to the earth’s environment is a kindness to the future inhabitants of it.  So continuously improving our work to be a positive catalyst for change is one of are best principles.

A note from the founder, Cisse - 

​"As the opportunities develop, I look forward to collaborating with others who work to build up people and our communities.  This is a worthy work that makes sense to me and gives me a hope for the future of the human experience. 

So, yeah, I am in a growth phase and excited about the journey."

​After research and review, I have decided to shut down the flagship shop.  I want to bring concepts to the forefront with impact, exceptional thoughtfulness, and a team working towards the goal.  To keep up with this endeavor, please revisit the “About Us” page for updates on the progress as time goes on.  Thank you!

Per request, I will design-loving messages, and edifiying scripture-based products at this time.  Please submit a form to inquire on the Contact Us page.

My best to all of you!




The top guiding principle is simply to be loving. Our platform and connection to the public are shaped to walk alongside people in their journey.  Listening and inclusively accepting the experiences is the first step.



Inclusion is at the heart of appreciating another person's experience.  Decline divisive norms no matter where they are found and anticipate good things from others.  These are principles that create the opportunity to build dialogs where singular viewpoints are prominent.

It is understood that making room for others creates a space where the best possible outcomes can happen. Social inclusion is a profound expression of love. Love knows no bounds and covers a multitude of issues.



​As the founder my commitment is to infuse love into every facet of the organization. From crafting creative service offerings and products to addressing client needs and thoughtfully sharing wherever we are found. Through various media outlets, the banner of love is waived with thoughtful shares, media, and partnerships.  As many in the science world believe, if something can be taught it can be learned.  Join us in filling the world with lessons and examples of the various forms of love.

The Love Company USA is powered by compassion and seeing the need for sustainable change.  "I am building a platform that helps to spread a universal and unconditional love around the globe,"  Cisse W. Meeks, President & CEO.

how do you express love? 


ongoing projects...

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The Small Details

This shop is a division of The Love Company USA, meant to spread love, positivity, make you gigle or add to your social commentary with unique collections of apparel and every day items. 

You are encouraged to explore and give your feedback about these collections.  Part of our recipe for continuious improvement. 



Thank you for checking out The Love Company USA

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